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Listen Up. BBC at Best.

17 Oct

Me n’ mine have been asked to feature in the BBC’s ‘Listening Project’ on a few occasions. Thanks largely, to the matters that involve my family’s background, experiences, international work, kids and views on consumerism – and of course, our proclivities for nude rambling across the Trans-Pennine Trail … ok, ok – I’m joshing about the latter.


*DO* Listen.

But even before I ended up getting roped into recordings, I have to say that this small-but-mighty stakeholder project born of The Beeb has captured my imagination over the last few years – simply as a mere radio fan. But it also, always seems to stoke-up the fires of many others than I know, who have the sense to prefer the radio to the telly.

And yup – I love listening to the conversations of others. What writer/ person with a half-baked intelligent brain *doesn’t*? This is what the entire series is about. Ear-wigging. Nosey Norman Neighbours.

But every single episode is always so beautifully edited – that we always come away with a little nugget of summat or t’other. And today’s little clip? Well.  If there was ever a justification for paying for the existence of the Beeb (licence fee… cough … splutter…) today’s episode was the flagship for the entire thing.  A ‘Ruddy Dobber’ of a programme (as we say in Manchester.)

So my own wee friendies from all over the world – have a listen to this snippet of today  –  entitled “We’re Still Friends”. This conversation could have taken place in my kitchen. With various friends and family members.  All about Brexit. Why some of us wanted to get the hell out. And others of us felt horrified at such a prospect.

And I’m proud of the fact that I have pals in my life who have completely different views to me on the entire issue. So yes, it doesn’t bother me too much that I hang about with gorgeously-warm folk whose views sometimes make me want to, er, er …  reach for the Fizzy Andrews. (Hey – do they make *that stuff* anymore? I always think of it as cocaine – for 6 year olds.)

So, whatever your thoughts on Brexit, Europe, refugees, feminism etc. Just make it a priority to listen to this one clip only. (And MORE please, if you enjoyed the link here  – just have a perusal of the main website. Treasures for all!)  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07z3zfy

For me the key word on this particular broadcast is that of ‘Listening’. Backed up by ‘Friendship’. Closely followed by ‘Show Don’t Tell’. Listen to the emotions and the clarity in the voices of these two women from Donny (Doncaster) and how the real ‘listening’ and tolerance seems to be pointing towards a new direction for them as friends.

They’re listening and learning to and from one another. No sanctimonious attitudes or smart-arse-isms going on there. (I keep expecting to hear that Quakers are running this entire project  – but apparently not. Still. I’m biased.)

And – ooh yeah – let’s give a high-five to certain BBC Radio producers and journalistic-sorts.  The skill of recording and archiving oral testimony, and editing it for both needy and discerning listeners, is alive and well at the Beeb and at its regional stations – and on this particular long-running project – is showing right here and right now – at its top-notch best.


Bless the BBC and Radio. Especially this here Sheffield studio

Bless the BBC and Radio. Especially this ‘ere Sheffield studio


The Five Minutes of Fame (or shame?)

11 Jul

Had a thoroughly enjoyable experience being interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds this week. Wes Butters – what a lovely chap. Butters by name and butters by … Well. As you can hear – he started by being ever so nice to me, and then tried to grill me about all of the politicians that I’ve slept with. Honestly. These journalists! As if I’d talk about something as personal as sex and relationships on air! With the whole of the west Riding of Yorkshire listening!

Actually – I had better clarify that. Wes Butters didn’t ask me anything about sex. It was yours truly who started wibbling about that kind of thing (best mate would be saying ‘Methinks the Lady Doth Protest Too Much!’)

But hey, my parents are still speaking to me and they haven’t contacted social services about the fact that my newfound lust for media exposure has led me to total and abject neglect of my children (although I have been sending the kids to school with out-of-date yoghurts, so getting them taken into care would perhaps be justified.)

I’ve done interviews and photo shoots and stuff like that before for various things that I’ve been involved with – so none of it is really alien to me. But it *is* strange when you’re talking about your own life experience. In short, I felt like a total muppet.

What was even more bizarre, was the fact that people you haven’t told about the interview, get to hear you. My next door neighbour said that her mum texted her to say ‘your Christina is on the radio!’  And then a neighbour on the other side told my other half ‘Hey – I’ve just downloaded your wife’s e-book.’  Now, neighbour on the other side hasn’t known us for very long. And if he is reading this – I have to say that he wins a Blimmin’ Great Big Prize for his detective work (as well as his ever-so-kind strimming of the overgrown passage-way at the back… I mean – Curse you Kirklees Council for neglecting our ginnel yet again this summer!) Apparently our smashing neighbour put two and two together whilst listening (name of the village, the mention of Namibia) and realised that it was me.

Although … I actually *think* that he was too polite to say the real reason as to why he twigged that it was me. The poor chap MUST have heard me – for many hours – ranting and raving at myself as I practice reading aloud, from our shed at the top of the garden which backs onto his. Noise drifts all too easily in this valley. I suspect strongly that he realised that he was living in great proximity to a total lunatic who shrieks at herself in her shed and then he recognised the voice on the radio …

Anyway. If you want to hear me sounding like a complete numpty – it will be on Listen Again for a short while…

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p021l10b   (the 8/7 show – move the counter to 1:07)

And then it’s off to The Emporium in Slaithwaite this Sunday for a book signing. I’ve already bought myself a nice new chimney pot from their wonderful eclectic mix of items, so sadly I shall be at a loss before I even started selling books. But who cares? I do it for the love of it! And to embarrass myself in front of our very gracious neighbours of course … who are far too dignified to Go Public about how distressing it must be, living next the Like Of Us.

The Shed. Where I shout a lot.

The Shed. Where I shout a lot.