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Exceptional – NOT the Strange Ones…

18 Aug

‘Exceptional’ to me doesn’t mean ticking all of the academic boxes – being a super-duper all-rounder brainy bod. Exceptional people are highly gifted personalities whose traits often include ‘asynchronous development’ (a quick explanation of this; that a child appears to be ‘wise beyond their years’ in many ways – but may be less advanced than peers emotionally, socially or academically)

DANDA is an excellent charity in the UK that speaks on behalf of such Exceptional people. It chooses to use the term ‘neuro-diverse’ in order to describe the ‘catch all’ of such a wide range of often amazingly gifted people – such as those who also have Dyspraxia, AD(H)D, and Asperger Syndrome, Autism and Dyslexia. But all too often, society is NOT geared up to deal with the different needs of such people…and this is one that I could blog on about forever!

One of the most terrific websites I have seen on this issue, belongs to the marvellous Mr Stuart Vallantine.  Stuart grew up in the street next to me, in East Manchester.  Please take a few more minutes to read about him ‘Awkward and proud since 1979’….and then go and have a wee sing along with Mr Joseph Aquilina…another talented chap…