Moving Funnylass

6 Mar

We have moved!

As of March 2017 – you can find the latest blogs from me, plus all of the oldies – in an all-singing, swinging n’ dancing blog that allows us to put stuff up like erm…. video, audio, horrific medical experiment and nuclear-testing trickeries… blah blah.

Head over to  – and make sure that you check out how to ‘Follow’.  And all of that gubbins.

(NB – if you were a subscriber to this ‘oldie blog’ – you will automatically be a subscriber to the new one. So if you didn’t subscribe previously – please check out the newbie and DO subscribe. Got lots of goodies in store for you in 2017. Watch this nasty-blue-light-screen-thingy… and tell all yer mates. Innit.)



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