The Cheek of A Cyclist

8 Oct

Sometimes I got for a run down a long country lane. This is a single track frequented by many, many a cyclist.  Because the cyclists travel so fast, and in groups – they tend to shout warnings to each other if they see a runner or a walker ahead of them.  Sometimes they yell things to each other like “Watch Out!”, “Runner!” or “Ahead!”

Sometimes they can be a bit annoying. Too fast, not thinking of blind corners, getting all aggressive if you dare to be in their way.  Usually though, they are polite, friendly and manage to say a quick ‘Morning!’

Yesterday though, I had a bit of a different experience. I was running along when two male cyclists overtook me. One shouted to the other;

“Behind!”  I nodded at them both as they sped ahead of me. Then I wondered to myself  ‘Why did they shout ‘Behind’ – when I was actually in front of them?’    A split second later I heard the same chap shout back at me;


Cheeky sod.

Country Cheek and Charm


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