Making Beautiful Music from Broken Instruments..

12 Feb

No, not exactly a psychological / self-help posting from funnylass!

Not today anyway.

More of a Resurrectionist and Eco-friendly missive.  Religion..the Great Destroyer..Meets Re-Creation Theology. That kind of thing.

Or – you could call it ‘Thuggish and Cack-handed Toddler Leads Despairing Mother to Bizarre Invention’

Have I mentioned before that I have a three year old boy who has the uncanny ability of breaking/pulling apart/standing on/disembowelling everything that he ever encounters?  Thanks to some pretty wise friends, I am getting a bit canny to the fact that this is a key element of kids who have ‘Sensory Processing Disorder’. But the jury is out on that one. He may well just be a destructive little tyke.

Today I unearthed a huge mound of broken beads, necklaces, African bead work that aforementioned child has destroyed since the age of….6 months.  I embarked upon mending them all – and felt mighty proud of myself.  But most of the stuff that the Great Destroyer has been hellbent on ripping to shreds has usually been the dreadful plastic tosh that people have inevitably bought him.  I don’t mind that too much (not being a fan of plastic crud). But it always grates…that the plastic tosh cannot be recycled.  Still. Today I am feeling smug.  Today I managed to bring a nice wooden and steel xylophone back from the dead.

Here it is – in all its glory.  A windchime!

Funny though – that for some of us (me for example) – love the sound of windchimes , whereas others of us (my other half) hate ‘the bloody annoying tingling New Agey type Hebden Bridgey things’.

But hey. He is the guy who freaks out every time we turn the central heating up a notch. So am sure that he can cope with the fact that the lovely new windchime is as close to his side of the bed as we could get it…


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