Funny Festive Bake Bobbins…

23 Dec

I am not quite sure why, but many people seem to think of FunnyLass as a lady who seems not particularly concerned with ‘home making’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This evening, for example – I managed to ensure that a large pile of ironing was completed. My partner noticed that the pile had been growing since early October 2011 and I duly remembered to point out that ‘Irons need water in them’. There is now a small pile of freshly ironed clothes, waiting on the stairs to be put away.* At earliest estimates, this task should be completed by Easter 2012.

But other wives and mothers (READ; ‘CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF THE HOME’ if you are a Feminist fallen on hard times) may be more interested in today’s Festive Bake.
It began like this. I noticed an out of date ‘Halloween Scary Bake’ bun mix at the local supermarket. The toddler was looking neglected (actually he wasn’t. I was just feeling guilty at the prospect of the poor child being stuck with his family for nearly two weeks). I hoped that he wouldn’t notice that it was actually Christmas and he gleefully accepted to make ‘Halloween Buns’ with me.
On taking the buns out of the oven, they looked a little woeful. More landslide than Hellish actually. But the landslip effect did look more like an animal nose. So we bought some ‘Flakes’, adapted the décor and turned the wee varmints into RUDOLPH.

Now, I would share the recipe with you, but as you can imagine – this entire project took hours and hours to conceive and I would hate to think that you feel you could somehow easily reproduce it yourselves. Hey! No-one can ever accuse me of being a Half-Measure Mum…

Enjoy – my dear little Festive Pixies…


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