I am, like soooo Adolescent…

13 Sep

Always hard to get into the routine of 3 year old to nursery and (now) 7 year old to school. Washed, dressed, fed, lunchboxed, shrieked at, toothbrushed, homeworked-accompanied, letter-to-teacher’d, nit-sprayed (hey! preventative-only folks!) and shielded from being swept away by tale end of hurricane down our valley….

So today – am sorry to say, that I trucked up to the Mummy-Gossip Fest that is the School Gates, wearing my trackies, sans make-up and hair all over the place. As far from Yummydom as you can possibly get.  So it was kind of nice that Ruby kissed me goodbye and said;

“Oh Mummmy! You really look like a teenager today, you know!”

I glowed.  Bless her.  But then came the increasingly familiar verbal backhander that she doesn’t even yet *realise* she has inherited from BOTH sides of the family….

Tapping her chin, she widened her eyes and reinforced;

“But a teenager from HERE downwards – you know. Your clothes I mean”

Cheers duck.

Yup. She was 6 - I was, er 16? (ooh and the rest)


2 Responses to “I am, like soooo Adolescent…”

  1. Daniel Woolnough September 15, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Haha, I though of how sweet that was, and then read the rest. Ohh Ruby is lovely, isn’t she?

    • funnylass November 1, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

      She is – but I am biased. I can imagine that you were like that as a kid!

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