Winehouse Death Leads to Self-Righteous Tosh

23 Jul

I feel strongly about the subject of addiction.  I don’t want to read a single sentence that slags Amy Winehouse off for her inability to live beyond her addictions.  My heart aches for her – it aches even more for the poor souls who live on very low income levels, who are working class, who are NOT homeless in the UK and who therefore cannot access rehab or addiction support/live-in help in our s0-called welfare state.

The situation here in the UK is medieval.  I am sure that it is a lot worse in other countries, but regardless of that  – it Stinks. Unless you are a convicted criminal or living on the streets  – or filthy rich – it is nigh on impossible to get help to manage your addiction – whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, an eating disorder etc.  I won’t go into the horrors of why no-one wants to help addicts from poorer backgrounds, or why our system’s financial set-up is so screwed. Suffice to say that I really believe that in 100 years time, our great grandkids will look at this blight in society and wonder how the hell we never saw the reality and power of genetic predisposition, or over-exposure to substances and prevalence to triggering a real addiction etc.

I will leave you with a thought.  Have you ever witnessed a family member involved in a form of behaviour that you deem to be unhealthy – and that is causing them, and those around them, great distress? How about something so ‘simple’ as being overweight and being unable to lose the weight for health reasons? Or being a heavy smoker?  Being unable to cut down on drinking in order to lose weight for an important operation? Imagine that times 100. Imagine their parents, siblings, tiny children also despairing – crying tears for them – wanting the ‘real person – the one that we know!’ back. Imagine the countless admissions to rehab (okay – if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it), the money wasted on the drug of their choice, the new type of anti-depressant tried out every few months, the shattered hopes of a mother who once nursed a toddler who had so much life, so much humour, so much talent….and who now sees a troubled, depressed personality who barely resembles the cheeky child who was always so free with cuddles and ‘I love you’s’…

The grandparent who spends their last couple of years grieving for the beloved – now dead –  grandchild who ended up addicted to a word, to a lifestyle that they could never have come to understand the craving for.

This is addiction.This is not something to take the piss out of, because its the cool-thing-to-do and because its ‘in the news’ and because we want people to laugh at how smartarse we are about everything hot-0ff-the-press.

Much respect for Craig Ferguson, chat show host and recovering alcoholic – who realised himself that he had been going too far in terms targetting the vulnerable in society (regardless of wealth or media presence).

Plus an interesting article on predisposition to addiction.  Some things are really not worth joking about – really not worth tempting faith about.  I truly believe in ‘There but for the Grace of God Go I’ on this one…. One to look to the skies on and say a silent prayer of release from…,9171,1640436-1,00.html



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