The Ownership of Our Poo Is Changing!

21 Jul

How did I miss this one?  Nice letter today from our Water Authority (happens to be ‘Yorkshire Water’).  Informing my household that from 1st October 2011 the govt is changing current legislation so that MANY of the UK’s sewage pipes will be moving into ownership of the water authorities.  Apparently it has been a bit too complicated to date – too many pipes doing unpredictable things in terms of who-pays-for-what blockage.

So from now on (and check out your OWN correspondence from the water authority folks!) most households in the UK will be charged something like another £20 a year.  This is to protect us all apparently. No more confusions over has been causing the biggest poos and the nastiest back-ups.  So we no need longer fret about the offchance that the likes of Ms Bimbo at number 43 decides to flush poor Bubble the Goldfish down the loo. Or if old Mrs Doofus at no. 47 gets rid of Bobby the Budgie in a similar manner. Or the psychopathic toddler at no.49 decides that his sister’s Lelli Kelly’s would appreciate  little journey down the bog….

Of course, you may well feel that this isn’t much different than the way our current gas and elec systems operate. But after looking at the illustrative diagram sent to me by our lovely water authority, I can’t help but think that those those living in detached properties (I.e. generally the MUCH wealthier in the UK) will be hit a lot less harder – check out your own friendly illustrative diagram and think about how many more people live in flats, semi-detached and terraces as opposed to in a detached house.

Funny – but I am sure that I rememberThatcher being vilified for something not TOO disimilar (yep – the good ‘ol Poll Tax). Ah, but the Tories are distracting us nicely with the Murdoch Circus from this latest Poo Tax.

Anyway. Have a think for yourself. An interesting commentary here….


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